How it Works

For a step-by-step breakdown of how the Tour Tag app works, check out our how-to guide below. We explain how to check in, redeem rewards, complete challenges and provide contact details for getting in touch if you need further support.

Checking in


You can check-in and gain points at any golf course in Scotland. First, you must ensure locations services are enabled. Then locate the GPS pin icon at the centre of the app navigation bar. After tapping this button, the check-in screen will open and nearby courses will appear.

Check in before your round

Check-in on the first tee through the app by selecting the course you are playing. A screen will appear saying 'Points Pending' and now you can set off for your round. You will receive a "points awarded" notification shortly after this, and points will automatically be added to your profile. 

Tour Tag Top Tip

It is recommended that you refresh the check-in screen every time before you check-in to ensure your location is updated and accurate. This can be done by dragging down from top to bottom on this screen.

Checkin Screen NB



On the home screen you can view all the rewards currently available on the app. We have a variety of rewards on the app which include offers on courses, coaching, equipment, hospitality and more... For a full list of rewards check out the app!

Purchasing a reward using your points

Each reward has a different points value to unlock. So if, for example, you wanted to redeem a course reward currently offered by Montrose Golf Links, you would purchase the reward using 900 of your points (Select the reward, and tap purchase at the bottom of the screen) The purchase button will then change to say 'activate'. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT YET.

Redeeming a reward

After purchasing your reward, book your round using the link on the reward screen (follow the 'How to Redeem' instructions for the specific reward). You should only activate your in-app voucher when you are at Montrose Golf Links, about to receive your reward. The voucher will time-out after 1-hour and will disappear. You should present your activated voucher to a member of staff at Montrose Links, and pay the remaining fee directly to them.

Tour Tag Top Tip:

All of your purchased, activated and expired in-app vouchers can be located in the shopping bag icon on the app navigation bar (Titled ‘Your Rewards’)

Reach milestones & complete challenges


As you check-in and redeem rewards you will automatically gain extra points for completing challenges. You can view the different challenges under the rosette tab on the app navigation bar.

Challenge levels

Each of the challenges have 3 different levels; bronze, silver and gold. Completing bronze challenges will add 150 points to your total, silver 300 points and gold 500 points.

Tour Tag Support


Need help using the Tour Tag app? 

Contact our team at or through the chat box in the bottom right of the screen.

Report a problem or bug on the app:

To locate this feature within the app go to your profile, which is the furthest right tab in the navigation bar. From here you will see the “report a problem” heading, and you can tap this to start writing your issue.