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In October 2017, we decided to go on an epic road trip to try and learn as much as we could about golf in Scotland. We realised that we may not get the opportunity to do it again, so what the heck! After only a week of planning, we packed up our clubs & camping gear, and hit the road. We crammed into a car for 37 days and drove around the perimeter of Scotland, covering almost 2000 miles. Not only did we play some incredible golf courses, but we got to meet with golfers and clubs across the country.

We started our journey in Dundee and headed North, as far as you can go on the mainland. If you’ve camped in Scotland before, you’ll know that winter camping is a different ball game. Which is probably why we were the only tent at every campsite we visited. It’s freezing cold, wet and windy, with the odd day of sunshine if you’re lucky!… we weren’t so lucky… It rained almost everyday and we even got caught in Storm Brian whilst camping on the beautiful cliffs of Durness. But we persevered, making our way down the west coast to Stranraer, up through the borders and east coast, back to Dundee.

The experience as a whole was incredible. There are so many beautiful courses; hidden gems that provide an authentic Scottish golfing experience that you can’t get anywhere else. But most importantly, the trip gave us direction.

What started as a spontaneous decision, became a turning point for Tour Tag. We were overwhelmed by what we learned from speaking with people in the industry and also just the number of golf courses we came across. After the trip, we felt quietly proud that our small country had all of this right on its doorstep. So if your thinking of doing a golf trip this year, make sure it’s in Scotland.


If we had to pick a highlight, it would without a doubt be the North Coast 500. There are no words to describe how incredibly beautiful this part of Scotland is, and in winter you pretty much have the place to yourself. The locals are super friendly and as an added bonus the golf courses are fantastic. Royal Dornoch, Brora, Thurso, Reay and Durness were just some of our favourites!

Here’s a few pictures from our trip…

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